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9 Oct 2017


good mornin good afternoon and good night beautiful people!!


Welcome! To my lil bubble on the internet. I'm Agnese, a lil half Italian half Australian gal from Hong Kong with lots of thoughts and opinions. 'Our Simple Cottage' is a space that collects these, amongst other things. We discuss simplicity in all aspects of life (the imperfect and realistic approach), compassionate living, and art. 


Flashback to late 2016: my partner and I started becoming more aware and more passionate about the environment, but specifically plastic. We began properly learning about the detrimental effect our plastic usage was having on the world, and that this needed to change quickly (ironically via social media i.e. Facebook, but it was helpful at the time). Growing up in the expat community of Hong Kong being eco-friendly was always spoken about, yet we realised that no one around us was really taking this seriously, and that recycling alone wasn't going to solve the problem. We knew that plastic didn't biodegrade and that it was damaging the world, yet we were still blindly using it? AND all the time too, in places where we didn't need to. We had just spent our first holiday alone together, which meant we were doing all our own grocery shopping, and immediately saw first hand how unprepared we were to not use plastic. We used 4 plastic bags. In one week. But, haven't used a single one since.


Anyways, on new years eve of 2016, on the flight back to Hong Kong, we challenged each other to not use any single use plastics for a month. The first few weeks were trying, but it got easier, and when the month was over, we realised we were in for something longer term. This wasn't a "challenge" that we would do once and then stop, this was a whole lifestyle change, and we haven't looked back. We started with just single use plastic, which developed into a holistic approach to sustainable living; addressing waste both physical and abstract, changing our perspective on the current capitalist way of life, and becoming fully engaged with the topic of sustainability. I am continuously learning, discovering, and adapting, and there will always be more I can do. So, I thought I'd share that journey with you! 


kissessss, n see ya soon



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