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good mornin good afternoon and good night beautiful people!!

Welcome! To my lil bubble on the internet. I'm Agnese, a half Italian half Australian gal from Hong Kong with lots of thoughts and opinions. 'Our Simple Cottage' is a space that collects these, amongst other things. We discuss politically driven sustainability, simplicity in all aspects of life, and art.

Towards the end of 2016 I started to learn about the detrimental effects plastic has on our planet, which led to my partner and I 'challenging' each other to go a month without single use plastics that new years eve. Over three years down the line and my idea of sustainability and sustainable activism has moved far beyond the individual consumption of plastic. Environmental sustainability is a complex topic that intersects with a huge range of socio-political issues we face today, it is inherently political and must be intersectional if it is to effect true action.. This blog started off as a very typical 'zero waste' blog, so you will find that kind of content here, and you may also find it helpful. However, it's important to not stop there. Our society needs to radically change, so though a lot of the content on this blog may relate to individual choices, remember that the bigger fight is the more important one.

As I grow and explore, this blog has taken a back seat in my life. However it's space still exists, for me to share mine and others thoughts, experiences, and opinions about the insane world we live in. I am continuously learning, discovering, and adapting, and there will always be more I can do and more I can learn. Let's be curious together.

kissessss, n see ya soon



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