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15 Apr 2018

This is a sponsored post; we were sent these products for our unbiased and honest review. 


We know that DIY and/or bulk washing powder (or other zero waste methods) are not always an option for everyone. So, as always, we try to review and share products that a range of people may find useful, and the ecoegg is one of them! The ecoegg is a laundry egg that is a complete replacement for washing powder, which instead uses two types of mineral pellets that produce a cleaning foam to wash your clothes in an eco-friendly way! 




We found it works well for us and does, if not better, exactly the same thing our previous washing powder did; clean! There were a couple times when it didn't clean a few (extremely) dirty shirts, but upon reflection we had put too large a load and these shirts had sat in the washing basket for quite a while. Some people have had this problem as well but once we sorted all that out and washed it again there was no problem. Other reviewers have also suggested that perhaps the washing machine can have an effect on how well it works. (For reference we have the Candy)



  • It is super easy to use, you just throw it in the machine when you wash, that's it. I know

  • They offer scents, which smell nice and aren’t too strong, but they also offer scent free options which are the ones we like best (always a fan of all natural products!) 

  • It saves money: You don’t have to buy detergent, the pellets last around 1 year for the average family, and the egg itself can last between 54 washes to 720 washes (which can be up to 10 years). For these reasons, they claim it costs only 0.34 Hong Kong cents for each wash. Saving money is always a HUGE plus, and it means this can be accessible to people of varying financial statuses which we love (you know we're big fans of the philosophy that everyone can do something small, and that small conscious efforts can go a big way) 

  • It is dermatologically tested and is supported by Allergy UK and the National Eczema Society, meaning it is great for sensitive skin. For those who’s access to bulk is limited and who can’t find a DIY suitable for their skin I can imagine this is a big plus. 

  • They offer a 10 year guarantee for their products, meaning they send a replacement if something breaks or isn’t working for up to 10 years of your purchase 

  • They support charities providing water in impoverished areas in Africa (water for kids), specifically funding the building of a water source in Uganda. This doesn’t have to do with the product itself obviously, but most eco-conscious people are also activists for other areas in life and I think it speaks highly of their business that they support human rights initiatives too, as well as the environment. 

  • No animal testing

  • They only use vegetable based inks for their packaging and printing

  • The packaging is all paper, which can be recycled. And they only use FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) certified paper as well, an association which protects and maintains natural communities and high conservation value forests. 

  • They try to source near to all their raw materials locally (in their case from the UK)

  • They recycle as much of their industrial and office waste as possible

  • As a lil bonus: For anyone who is doing cloth nappies the ecoegg has been widely encouraged by others doing the same due to its hypoallergenic properties and the fact that it doesn't take away absorbancy. If you are interested to learn more about this specifically just do a google search, there are loads of reviews out there! 



  • The egg itself is made from plastic, and the pellets come in small plastic bags, BUT the plastic for the egg is durable and the bags for the pellets are recyclable. Of course plastic would not be the ideal, but the egg is supposed to last at least 720 washes (2 years if you wash everyday, which no eco conscious person would, plus it’s plastic, I imagine it’ll last more) and could still greatly reduce your waste even if it is a plastic product. 

  • They have to ship the products from the UK, though I don't think this is much of a weakness as they do this in bulk seeing as a range of places in HK stock them.


All in all we are big supporters of the brand, and of their laundry eggs specifically (as you can probably tell by that extremely unbalanced list). We don't have any eco-friendly options available to us that are within our budget and DIY-ing is so time consuming that it may not be sustainable in the long run for my family, so we are super happy to of been able to find this option! Luckily for us the bags the plastic pellets come in are recyclable here so I definitely think we will continue to use this product in our household, and will definitely be considering getting it when we move out to Aus! 


If you are interested in getting some of their products you can use our code 'oursimplecottage' for a 10% discount, valid until the end of April! 




- On their Online Store (there is a Hong Kong specific one as well)

- At the Sai Ying Pun Branch, Mid-Levels Branch, and Kennedy Town Branch of SpiceBOX Organics

- Natures Blessing (58-62 Caine Road, Mid-Levels)

- Organic Oasis (Shop No.3, GF, Skylight Tower, Bonham Road) 

- Eartheries 'The conscious marketplace'



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