daily self care, not weekly

10 May 2018


Our generation is, in many ways, now obsessed with the notion of self care, and it makes sense. We work longer hours, spend less time outdoors, are more likely to live alone, and are constantly over stimulated by technology. We have a larger middle class, which means many of us live more privileged and modern lifestyles. With this, a whole new set of societal issues that didn't exist in the same way before now do, and our mental health is being discussed more so than ever. 


Now though this may be a totally explainable reason as to why our generation seems to be more sensitive than those that we follow, it doesn't mean our feelings are of any less value. So, with this new reality, we need to find ways to manage those feelings of being overwhelmed and anxious.


I am a big believer in self care and intentional actions throughout your day to ensure you stay calm, collected, and mindful. But that's exactly it, throughout your DAY. I see loads of people promoting self care 'days', specific days in a week or month dedicated to self care. Now, though this is definitely something we all need from time to time, I don't at all think it's the right solution. With this 'schedule' (for lack of a better term) we suppress and in turn build up all the negative emotions we may feel, and leave it to all come out in one day. When you read it like that I can't imagine you think it sounds healthy. 


ANYWAYS. The point I'm getting at is that self care shouldn't be dedicated to a specific day. One should aim to practice self care and self love every day. It doesn't need to be 5 hours of yoga every Sunday (unless you enjoy that of course), it can be as small as playing some music before going to bed, or singing a song in the shower. All it means is that throughout your day you make small intentional actions that make you happy. What they are will be different for everyone, for example I like leaving my blinds slightly open at night so that I wake up with the sun and I absolutely adore it, but Alex is not a big fan. Cooking is also super therapeutic for me, and it's only something I'm getting into now, or drinking tea, reading, writing blog posts, baths (the list could go on and on)


I know the notion of self care can seem daunting, especially with a whole host of social media influencers banging on about it (cue me!). BUT, it doesn't need to take a bunch of effort, and it doesn't need to take away from your everyday and your to do lists, if anything it will make you more productive. In fact you are probably already doing it. The difference is doing it intentionally. Not everyone needs to live a 'slow life', because not everyone would benefit from it, but practicing intentionality in your everyday choices can greatly impact your life, and I highly recommend it. 


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