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19 Aug 2018

 This is a sponsored post; we were sent these products for our unbiased and honest review. 


Zero yet 100: a deodorant that has zero chemicals, but is 100% effective. 


Zero yet 100 is a Hong Kong female owned and run brand that focuses on providing a natural deodorant free from so many of the chemicals found in conventional ones. The best part is, they have zero waste packaging (and are vegan!). Alex and I have been using meow meow tweet since we started zero waste and we both love it, so these guys were going against tough competition for us. But, the fact that they are locally made and run really drew us into wanting to try them out, because as much as we love meow meow tweet, it's all the way in the US. But don't worry if you aren't from Hong Kong, they ship worldwide as well! 


We got the natural deodorant pot which comes in an aluminium tin that is both recyclable and reusable, obviously we favor the latter. I grew up on natural deodorants, so am quite used to it's differences to conventional deodorants, but still went through so many brands that didn't work for me. Zero waste aside, meow meow tweet was the best one I'd found so far, so changing was going to take effort since I'd really become attached to meow meow tweet. 


Conventional deodorants contain a ton of chemicals that are not only bad for your health but also bad for the environment. We forget that whatever we put on our skin gets absorbed into our body, yet seemingly take less notice of the ingredients in our cosmetics as we do our food. I find the best rule is; if you don't know an ingredient, maybe you shouldn't be buying the product. Zero yet 100's ingredient list is not only small but also full of ingredients we all know. In other words, there aren't any processed chemicals we don't understand. 


The problem with natural deodorants is that they can often be less effective at concealing body odor, which defeats the purpose. With Hong Kong summer now well on the way we all understand how necessary a good deodorant is, and for something we use everyday, you want it to be good for you too.


The packaging of the deodorant is light and therefore easy to carry around. The deodorant itself is a greyish tone and I found is slightly greasier than the meow meow tweet. The meow meow tweet comes in a small jar so we would often get the deodorant stuck in our nails as you would have to dig quite deep to get the product out. In comparison, the zero yet 100 aluminium tin has a wide mouth and therefore the application is much easier and this problem was avoided (you apply a pea size amount using either your fingers or the spatula given). I found I like the meow meow tweets consistency better, especially when we started to get to some colder climates whilst travelling as the zero yet 100 became much thicker in consistency and therefore harder to apply. It has a lemongrass scent (not too strong) and is nice and fresh. 


In relation to concealing smell, it's fantastic. We both wore it on over 20+ hours of travel (multiple planes, buses, etc) and smelt better than I've ever smelt after long hours of travelling! Alex also wears it everyday to work (10 hours all standing) and found it masks smell much better than meow meow tweet, he's been sold. We wore it all throughout a month long travelling trip going through all sorts of climates and it was adaptable and worked equally as well in all of them. 


It is affordable for a natural deodorant at 108HKD a pot, and although they say it lasts 50 uses I would argue that it lasts loads more. We have both been using it everyday for two months and it's only just about to run out, which is around 120 uses. This definitely makes it worth the purchase, though they have 40HKD for shipping in Hong Kong, if you go over 200HKD you can get it for free so you can easily buy it with a friend and it won't break the bank! They also offer a detox mask as one can have adverse reactions to a natural deodorant if they have been using a conventional one their whole life. Though we didn't try this out, I think it's great that they offer a solution for possible issues when transitioning to their product and from their other reviews this detox has solved all the problems! 


Overall zero yet 100 is a product that doesn't put damaging toxins in your body or on our earth. They offer packaging that is reusable and recyclable, though they still offer a plastic stick, they are determined to be as sustainable as possible and I would highly urge you to show them that they don't need to sell that one, we are perfectly happy with the tin! They are a local and woman run company AND the product truly works super well, which is the most important part. Alex is totally sold and as I'm writing this we are ordering our next one, so is my family! If I come across meow meow tweet for a cheaper price (hey, we are students) then I will go for it, but for now I'm pretty sold on zero yet 100 and am excited to continue purchasing it. 


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