Sustainability Consultations


Over three years ago ago I changed my lifestyle to live more sustainability. Since then I started a blog dedicated to sharing my experience and advising others on how to make their own life more sustainable. There is often only a certain amount of depth one can go into through the internet, and I want to be able to provide people detailed advice for how to make their home or office more sustainable in a personalised manner. Hence, I’ve decided to offer sustainability consultations that are individual to your space, be that a home or office setting. For low income people/families I am happy to discuss free consultations. 


Consultation Offers


Package one: One-off Consultation

  • Two hour consultation session introducing sustainability with advice on how to begin sustainable living

  • Offer is for home only

  • 480 HKD


Package Two: Two Consultation Sessions

  • This package allows for a more personalized consultation

  • Applies to a home or office

  • Includes an initial assessment of the office or home of 45 minutes

  • Two sessions with a total of 6 hours

  • 1450 HKD for the package


Package Three: Four Consultation Sessions

  • This package is a detailed and personalised consultation

  • This offer applies to a home or office

  • Includes an initial assessment of the office or home of 45 minutes

  • Four sessions with a total of 12 hours (a session cannot last more than four hours)

  • This package will cover all areas of the home, kitchen, bathroom, lifestyle, and starting. It can involve going to sites relevant to your journey, for example a bulk shop.

  • 2350 HKD


Terms and Conditions

  • All packages to be completed within 8 weeks

  • All invoices to be paid immediately upon receipt

  • Consultations begin with a 50% deposit

  • Package one is fully prepaid

  • If a consultation is for an office I will work with a maximum of 18 employees*

  • Package one can be done over a video call and is offered worldwide

  • Package two and three only available to Hong Kong and Melbourne


*tailor-made packages available for above 18 employees